Cyber Insurance

Qualify for Insurance and Reduce Risk

Cyber Insurance

Qualify for Insurance and Reduce Risk

Do you need cyber insurance?

First sentence has to say Think of Cyber Insurance as your safety net.
Ideally, you should have solid IT and cybersecurity protections to ward off breaches and prevent a ransomware attack. However, no method guarantees absolute security. Insurance steps in when all else fails, cushioning the blow of a successful cyber-attack on your operations.

Consider these statistics:

• 76% of SMBs were impacted by at least one cybersecurity attack in 2022, a significant rise from 55% in 2020.

• 43% of cyber-attacks target small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

• Nearly 40% of small businesses report data loss due to a cyberattack, leading to substantial disruption and financial loss.

• Of small businesses, 37% suffer financial loss, 25% file for bankruptcy, and over 9.7% go out of business.

• 83% of SMBs are unprepared to recover from the financial damages of a cyber attack.

• Over 89% of businesses with insurance state it covered their losses—and 87% were pleased they had it.

Cyber Insurance

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So how do you Protect your business?

Although robust IT security should be your first line of defense, My Tampa IT also recommends cyber insurance.

The benefits of Insurance include:

  • Enhanced Protection:
    Insurance adds another layer of protection, ensuring coverage during unfortunate cyber incidents, despite the best cybersecurity measures.

  • Investigation & Resolution:
    It covers the cost of specialized services required after a cyber breach.

  • Data Recovery:
    It compensates for the costs of retrieving lost data post-cyberattack.

  • Third-Party Damages:
    It provides coverage for potential lawsuits following a network breach that affects a third party.

  • System Restoration or Replacement:
    In case of system compromise, the policy can cover expenses associated with restoration or replacement, enabling swift business recovery.

  • Lost Revenue Compensation:
    If a cyber incident causes business downtime, your policy can cover revenue lost during this period.

  • Liability & Defense Legal Fees:
    It includes coverage for legal defense costs and settlements due to data breaches.

  • Reputation Management Support:
    Insurance for cyber attacks can help manage the reputational damage resulting from a data breach.

How can My Tampa IT assist with your cyber insurance needs?

Remember, while cyber insurance provides strong protection, it is meant to complement – not replace – a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Let us help you design and implement a robust cybersecurity plan that suits your business needs