Cyber risk score

The First Step to a Safer Business

Cyber risk score

The First Step to a Safer Business

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In today’s digital landscape, it is critical to understand the status of your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Our Cyber Risk Score Survey results will provide you with a quick yet comprehensive overview of your current cybersecurity health, enabling you to make informed decisions for improvement.

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Cyber Risk Score Survey for Businesses

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My Tampa IT will email your score immediately following the survey, so please be sure to enter the correct information.

Instructions: For each question, please select the option that best describes your current practices. At the end of the survey, we will tally your points and generate your Cyber Risk Score.

How It Works

Simply answer a brief set of questions and at the end of the survey, we will tally your points and generate your cyber risk score.

The Value Of Knowing Your Score

Your Cyber Risk Score is More Than Just a Number

Your cyber risk score is a benchmark that offers a broad overview of your organization’s cybersecurity well-being. Understanding where you stand today is a crucial step in improving your overall security. Numerous elements contribute to a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy, but for the purposes of this survey, we concentrate on 11 essential categories that form the cornerstone of a secure business environment. Rather than zeroing in on isolated vulnerabilities, it takes into account various crucial elements that are fundamental to shaping an organization’s cyber defense. If your score suggests room for improvement, take it as an early warning sign to reassess and fortify your cybersecurity measures.

  • Important Note

    While your Cyber Risk Survey Results offer significant insights based on your sector, organization size, and existing security measures, it is not a substitute for a full-fledged Cyber Security Risk Assessment, which dives deeper into the nuances of your specific cybersecurity needs and challenges.

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