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With more than 30 years of IT experience, Linwood has spent his career immersed in the world of technology. He founded My Tampa IT in 2009 and has been fortunate to partner with many wonderful clients.

A pragmatic problem solver, he enjoys helping business leaders leverage technology to help increase employee productivity, reduce company expenses, and provide a technical advantage over their competition. Having worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the course of his career, and being a business owner himself, he is uniquely positioned to quickly understand the dynamics of many different types of organizations and the challenges they face. As a leader, he takes a lot of pride in his team who, at their core, are great people and experts in their field.

Linwood served in the Army National Guard prior to receiving his Master’s Degree in Information Studies from Florida State University. However, the learning didn’t stop there, he earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and several other important technology certifications.

“Throughout my life I've enjoyed learning and helping people. With my technical and communication skills I am able to design and implement methods of achieving the required business results that reduce labor hours and/or expenses.” Don't take his word for it though, feel free to take a peek at what others have said about him, in our client testimonials.

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Expert & Quality IT Services

With a true IT partner, like My Tampa IT, you can rest easy knowing your IT is running smoothly without surprises. Employees are happier, and you'll deliver work to clients with ease. We also believe security should be paramount to your IT and business. Security is a core part of what we do for our clients every day, not just a service that we offer.

My Tampa IT understands that in today’s competitive business environment, getting to the finish line first makes every difference. That is why we dedicate ourselves to offering quick response times and pledge to start working on the problem within the hour!